what is whimsy


How It Works

Parents are welcome to let their kids enjoy the play space under the watchful eye of our Play Supervisors while they relax in the cafe area, visit with a friend or catch up on work! Parents are encouraged to use the space as best fits the needs of their family. If that means their little one isn’t quite ready for them to be out of eye sight (or mommy isn’t ready) there are spaces throughout the play area to sit and get work done.

Whimsy is the perfect family hang out spot where everyone gets what they want. Children love routine and we want Whimsy to be part of that weekly routine.  Since opening we have had a number of our clients grow from shy little toddlers who can’t stand to see mommy go to confident little ones who are independent and ready to take on Preschool. This independence grows by regular visits which is why a monthly membership is perfect for those looking to have social and emotional growth in their children. For those that don’t want to make a monthly-commitment, they can simply pay-as-you-go with Whimsy’s convenient drop-in fees or specially priced multi-visit packages.


One of the most nerve-racking times for a parent is enrolling your sweet little baby, who has way too quickly become a little person, in preschool.

Since opening, we’ve “graduated” a number of our members from shy, nervous toddlers to full fledged preschool students.  Whimsy allows them to gradually get use to being away from mommy, share their toys, and practice their school skills. If you haven’t been to Whimsy in a while(or ever) NOW is the time to come see us!

Whimsy has a letter of the week each week with a daily guided art activity that supports the letter of the week.  In order to create a sense of consistency, the activity will start promptly at 10:30 every day.  Give your child the opportunity to be a “pre” preschooler.

Only at Whimsy can their Imaginations. Run. Free!


Will they know how to share?
Will they be okay with you leaving?
Will they be prepared?


Whimsy was a spark that began over nine years ago when my first child was a toddler.  Kids are delightful and bring so much to our lives but they are a 24-7 job.  For those years before they are off to school, they own you every minute of every day.  All I wanted on some days was a place I could go and just have some "me" time while they were engaged and having some "them" time.  On those days, I didn't want an activity that involved me like music class, or swim class or...I wanted them to play and explore while I did my version of playing and exploring...my US Weekly uninterrupted.  I was a teacher before I had children and a child before I was a grown up and those two things taught me one invaluable lesson: Kids love to play.  Just play.  No rules, no structure, just imaginations.running.free.  I wanted the idea of free time to be truly free-not come from a guided or structured activity.  There's so much structure and rules for so much of our lives that I wanted Whimsy to be where kids got to just be kids...the way they choose.  I wanted this to happen in a clean safe place not the less-than-cared-for-cookie-cutter play spaces that were available.  I wanted to be the Nordstrom of play spaces.  I also went to one party too many in places that smelled like feet, served bad food  and had lack luster, if any, decor. I LOVE parties. I wanted kid's parties where I didn't have to worry about anything and actually got to enjoy myself and at the end of it all went home to a clean house.  Whimsy is the manifestation of all these wants and over and over clients comment on how much they love the entire experience.  I knew that Whimsy was everything I had dreamed it would be when a client who had ordered a coffee was in the cafe and took a drink and said, "Oh my gosh, I burned my tongue. I haven't had hot coffee in so long I forgot to drink it slow."  Mission accomplished!